Our Mission

Growing Deeper, Walking Closer, Reaching Farther


Because of the Gospel we are committed to... diving into the Bible regularly (Psalm 19:7-8119:18), growing in humility together (1Peter 5:5) and making the Gospel more visible in our world (John 13:35).

Walking Closer with God

Knowledge of God

The Attributes of God - Session 3 Highlights

II. The Communicable Attributes

1. truthfulness

Definition -...

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Omnipotence 2

The Attributes of God - Session 4 Highlights

4. Omnipotence

Definition: God is able to do all His holy will. God exercises complete power over His creation and rules as sovereign. (Jer. 32:17; Matt. 19:26; Luke 1:37)


The Attributes of God - Session 2 Highlights

Here are some highlights and quotations from The Attributes of God, session 2:

6. Eternality

Definition: God has always existed, having no beginning and no end, and is not subject to the limitations of time,...

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Upcoming Events

Thu Jan 18

Awana Club 2017 - 2018

Kids ministry - where Bible knowledge and fun go together!

Sun Jan 21

Young Marrieds' Community Group

Small Group for Married Couples

Sun Jan 21

Core Training Winter 2017

Various classes offered at 9 AM to grow in our knowledge of God and pray for each other.

Sun Jan 21

Newcomer's Class - Jan. 2018

Class to introduce newcomers to what CVC believes


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