Dominican Republic Missions Team Blog - 2013

Prepping for Renovation

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We spent most of today at the warehouse the church has just purchased for their new building. There was a lot of demolition work to be done, the tearing out of doors, the removal of roof tiles, along with clean up work as we dug out and picked up a lot of trash from behind the building. The sound of the pick axes and sledgehammers on concrete walls rang out from Vida Nueva’s new property for much of the day. We look forward to the day when these same walls with ring out with songs of praise to the King of Kings. We trust that today’s racket was something the Lord enjoyed hearing as we offered it with anticipation of what He will accomplish through this dear church family in years ahead.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I feel the need to let you know there is a “fresh mango addiction” growing among our team. I also think it’s important you know that Brandon Imbriale started it. Thankfully, God used his strong desire for fresh mango to open up a conversation with one of the families that lives close to the new property. The conversation allowed Pastor Edwin of Vida Nueva to chat with these new neighbors and concluded with Brandon being handed a bag full of fresh mangos. We have not seen this bag since that moment. We have already conducted an “intervention” and confronted Brandon about what he has done with the stash. He has since offered to share these delectable mangos with the whole team. I will believe it when I see it.. : )

Thank you again for your ongoing prayers. As you bring us before the Father in prayer you are having a massive impact on the time we are spending here. Please continue to pray we have endurance tomorrow as we head back to the warehouse to make further progress on prepping the building for renovation. We thank the Lord for the unity and joy He has given us thus far, please ask that He continue blessing us with these things. Also pray for our remaining preparations for the camp and that the hearts of the people of Vida Nueva church would be prepared by the Lord even now to hear from His word up at camp later this week.

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