Dominican Republic Missions Team Blog - 2013

The Lord's Day with Vida Nueva Iglesia Bautista


It has been a full day of worship and fellowship with the Vida Nueva church. Your prayers have been answered very directly and clearly. Both Stephen and Thomas shared their testimonies, declaring how Jesus has saved them and is changing them. As they opened up their hearts describing Jesus’ work in their lives, the church was moved by their candor. Adrian, Andrew and Sophia sang in Spanish without any glitches. The church appreciated the effort they put into bringing a song in a language not their own. Pastor John preached on Philippians 4, calling all of us to learn to be content because we are ‘in Christ’. It was a tremendous morning. 

EdwinWe had some time in the afternoon to explore and later returned to church for an evening service. Pastor Edwin preached on the importance of controlling the tongue from the book of Proverbs. It was a wonderful day.

Tomorrow we begin work on the new church building. It is probably more accurate to say we will begin work on an old warehouse so that it would someday become a new church building. Some of us will be involved in working with cinder-block to fill in a wall. Others will be doing massive clean up work and trash removal. Apparently there is quite a bit to be taken out of this old warehouse before renovation work can continue.

We cannot tell you enough how much we sense and appreciate your prayers. Without your ongoing support of intercession nothing of real lasting value would take place during our time here. Please pray that we would all have endurance and joy as we continue to serve Him and His church here in the DR.


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