Dominican Republic Missions Team Blog - 2013

We Have Arrived In The DR!

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We have arrived in the DR! Thank you all for sending us here and for your prayers. The Lord has already blessed us in so many ways:

  • Everyone is here safe and sound. The Lord got all 11 of us out of the door around 3:30AM and 14 hours later we touched down in the DR.

  • Everything we need in terms of luggage, supplies, crafts and musical instruments is here with us.

  • We are anticipating a wonderful Lord’s Day tomorrow with the Vida Nueva Church. Thomas Patterson and Steven Schmitz will share their testimonies. Adrian and Andrew Sanders, along with Sophia Oliveri, will bring some special music, to be sung in Spanish.

Without your prayer and support there is no way any of us would be here. We are very mindful of this and thankful for each of you. As you continue to support us in prayer, please pray:

  • That the testimonies given tomorrow would: glorify Jesus, convict those present who do not know Him yet, and bring encouragement to those who do.

  • That the singers would feel at ease in expressing praise to our King in Spanish, a language they rarely use in day-to-day life (o.k. they never use it in day-to-day life : ).

  • That Vida Nueva church would be encouraged by our time with them. And that we would be refreshed among God’s people as we gather to worship Him.

  • The God’s word would go forward powerfully by the power of His Spirit as John Webb preaches. That each of us would be eager to hear His voice through His Word.

  • That those who are going to the El Cumbre Retreat would be prepared by the Lord to be changed by Him.

  • That those who are considering coming up to the retreat would decide to join us for their spiritual good and growth.

  • That we would all be flexible, adaptable and teachable each day as we serve the church here and prep for the El Cumbre Retreat.

We will continue to pray for you, that tomorrow you will be sure to enjoy the Lord’s Day, that you would rest from your work and seek your God by gathering with the people of God. May he be honored by His people everywhere tomorrow, here in the DR, there in the US and all over His world, for His glory (Psalm 117:1-2).


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