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Fast and Pray - Summer 2020

Dear Clayton Valley Church Family,

We are living through tumultuous and historic days. Paul calls us to redeem the time because the days are evil. In light of this I am setting aside some time for myself to fast and pray. I invite you to join me. Though this has been a regular practice for Christians over the centuries, for many of us it is new. You might be asking, “What is fasting?” John Piper defines fasting as,

“… a temporary renunciation of something that is in itself good, like food, in order to intensify our expression of need for something greater — namely, God and his work in our lives.”

 In describing different occasions for fasting author David Mathis writes,

“Do you share together in some special need for God’s wisdom and guidance? Is there an unusual difficulty in the church, or society, for which you need God’s intervention? Do you want to keep the second coming of Christ in view? Plead with special earnestness for God’s help by linking arms with other believers to fast together.”

 This is what we are seeking to accomplish together. If fasting is new to you, I would recommend you skip one meal and use that time to pray. If you are facing health conditions that will not allow you to fast, please consider taking extra time to pray by forgoing something else. Maybe you can abstain from the computer, or social media, or television or some other thing you regularly enjoy in order to enjoy Jesus more in prayer.

 I’m including a brief prayer guide (see below) so that we can focus on the critical needs that have brought us to this urgent time of seeking Him. As we fast and pray together, may He be glorified and may we know Him more and become greater salt and light in this dark world (Matt. 5:3-16).

With gratitude and affection,

Pastor Chris

Psalm 27:4


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