Kenya Team 2017

Prayer as We Depart

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Praying members of the Kenya Team,

You might not be getting on the plane with us, but you are going with us in prayer. We are grateful to have you with us in this way. These are exciting days. As Paul and I leave tomorrow to meet with Charlotte in route to Nairobi please pray the following:

  • That our travels will go smoothly and we arrive in Kenya after two long flights with energy to serve.
  • That the final preparations on the Leadership Class materials come together well, in a way that will be truely helpful to the 4th year students.
  • That Chris would have wisdom in teaching the leadership class and that God would make that time with the pastors effective.
  • That Paul would have wisdom in teaching at chapel and in other contexts, and in helping the college leadership think through future development plans for their campus.
  • That Charlottte would have wisdom in teaching women's Bible study and in the sewing classes and spending time with Lois.
  • That Lois would be deeply encouraged through this visit from her church family.
  • That the leaders of K.E.M. will be filled with joy as they continue to serve the Lord there in Kenya.
  • That the Lord would keep all of us flexible, adaptable and teachable (FAT) through the entire trip.
  • That our brothers and sisters would be encouraged.
  • That we would be brought home safely.

Over the years we have greatly enjoyed our partnership with Kenya Evangelical Mission. This video was made by us to help expose others to their work. You will find many wonderful clips of our beloved brother Hoyt who went home to be with the Lord last October. I used a portion of this during our service not long ago, but could not show the whole thing. For those of you who would like to see the rest of is, here is the entire video. Enjoy.



Kenya Evangelical Mission from Clayton Valley Church on Vimeo.


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