Kenya Team 2017

Visiting Victory Church

Victory Church #7

Yesterday we had the privilege of celebrating the Lord’s Day with our brothers and sisters at Victory Evangelical Church. This is the first church Hoyt and Lois planted 27 years ago. They named it Victory because of all of the opposition they experienced from various places. It is lead by Pastor Peter and Pastor Simon, both of whom are in the Christian Leadership Class taught by Pastor Chris.Victory Church #2

Yesterday’s service was four hours long and very enjoyable for the whole team. No, Pastor Chris did not preach for four hours ; ). There was extensive singing and dancing, the greeting of guests, the preaching of the Word, and lastly a special offering event to raise money for a new latrine on the back of the church property. An auction was held as a part of the fundraiser. Charlotte and Paul got in a bidding war over a live chicken. Charlotte won the first bid. Paul won the next round on a second chicken. Both chickens were donated to the Bible College.  Victory Church #3

This warm church family thanks God for Clayton Valley Church and the partnership we have shared all of these years. It is a thrill to see the Gospel at work in this fellowship as they continue to impact their community. As we heard their praises in song, it was so moving. Their songs touched our hearts demonstrating that the church of God is composed of people “from every tribe tongue and nation” (Rev. 5:9). Praise be to His name (Heb. 13:15)! 

Thank you for faithfully supporting this effort. It is an honor to represent our Lord and you in this place. We are grateful for you ongoing prayers.

Pray for:

  • Paul – that the ongoing work to finish the concrete slab for Hoyt’s gravesite will go smoothly. That his chapel lessons will truly touch and strengthen the lives of the students who hear him.
  • Charlotte – that the sewing class will progress well. That the girls in the class would receive instruction well and learn these skills in a way that will help their futures. That Charlotte would be clear in her instruction.
  • Pastor Chris – pray for the pastors in his class. That the time would be truly beneficial as they study what the Bible says about Leadership together. Pray that he would have ongoing wisdom as he continues to adjust the course material to best fit the needs of his students. Pray for his preaching prep as he will have the priviledge of sharing God's word with another KEM church next week.
  • Everyone – that they would enjoy good health, and sound sustained rest at night and safety while traveling.

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