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Kenya Team 2019

Exploring Kenya's Beauty, 30th Anniversary Celebration

Over the past few days, the team experienced some of Kenya’s amazing culture. We’re reflecting on the incredible land, agriculture, and people of this country. We saw God’s creation firsthand on Friday, as Gideon drove us through the wildlife park. What an incredible experience- being inches away from some of the largest, most powerful animals on earth! On Saturday, Fitz led a hike to Thui Rock, a jaw-dropping view of Yatta Valley. As we made it to the top, we sat in silence and awe. There’s nothing like an incredible view to make you feel small, and to remember how big God is. 

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 Today, Sunday the 18th, was the 30th anniversary celebration of Lois and Hoyt’s founding of Kenya Evangelical Ministries. The past few months have been dedicated to the planning of this celebration, and what a celebration it was! Pastor Chris was invited to preach, and he spoke on Exodus 14, as Fitz interpreted his English into Kikamba language. This message was a great encouragement to all of us. We heard beautiful music from different choirs from 3 churches, and shared a couple of songs  with them. Our team sang “Is He Worthy” and “How Great is our God”, led by Pastor Chris. It is so special to be immersed in their culture, and to also share our own.

Singers in pink

the full house

kenya day 8 pic 9.JPGAfter the worship service, Lois shared about her life in America with Hoyt before being called to the mission field. She recalled her and Hoyt being abundantly blessed. “We had everything we could possibly want, except joy.” Right around this time, they both felt a strong calling to leave everything behind, and follow God wherever He would take them. She introduced Betty, and told the crowd of believers about Betty and her late husband’s impact. She spoke about the past 30 years, and the faithfulness of the Lord through it all. Through every storm, He has faithfully sustained, guided and kept her. She concluded saying, "The Lord has been moving mightily here in Kenya, and He’s not leaving."

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As we head into our second and final week of our time here, we pray for the VBS that will be in a totally new location, with all new children. We pray for their hearts and minds, that they may grasp the concepts we teach them, and have soft  hearts towards the Gospel. Pastor Chris is heading into a week of teaching the KEM pastors.,- In the mean time, Janet is preparing her seminars for all of the pastors’ wives. Thank you for your prayers and encouraging words, we would not be here without your love and support. We are so eager to see how God will use us all in the coming week! 

Please continue to pray for the following:

  • For our mental and physical wellness, as a few of us are getting sick.
  • For Pastor Chris, as he heads into a week of teaching the pastors. This week, there will be even more people, so pray for his focus as he is in the lesson development process. 
  • For VBS that is going to be in a significantly more rural area, we ask for prayer for our wisdom in leadership, and for our safety. 
  • That we would remain flexible, adaptable, and teachable.
  • For time to rest, as we still have a lot to do, and we want to be ready for anything God has for us. 

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