Walking Closer with God

Our purpose as a church is 'Growing Deeper, Walking Closer, Reaching Farther'. Here we will discuss walking closer with God.

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Who are you? In the Scriptures God is constantly telling us who we are, and when we believe it, it will change the way we live....

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Planes Trains and Automobiles

Today we made the 16-hour trek home. Truth be told it was more like jets, sky-trams, customs, layover, weather delays, and automobiles, but that just didn't make for a good title! Praise God we all made it home safe and sound. We got to view a pretty fantastic storm from the plane in Miami while we waited for the lightning to stop. Other than the delay, it was pretty s...

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Back from the Mountains

We're back from Jarabacoa (which was more beautiful than any of us imagined); we're checked back into our home away from home; and we just finished a time of prayer, praising God for all He has done and all the prayers He has answered, and one thing we know you must have been praying! Thank you so much for all of your prayers. Here are just a few of the many answers to...

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Off to the Mountains

It was an early morning as we packed our bags, checked out of the motel, and headed to the Webbs to get ready to head to Family Retreat! We've been putting things together, loading the car with groceries, and making sure we've got everything we think we need. The bus is picking us up in the next few minutes, but we wanted to get one last post off before we go! If we h...

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Today was a full day, and the Webbs were incredibly helpful in prepping us for it. We began at the Public Children's Hospital, which they told us would break our hearts, and they were right. Jody was a little boy Chris and Sophia met at the Children's Hospital. He was an adorable one-year-old. They gave him a coin purse with a mono (Spanish for monkey) on it...and Jody ...

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FAT Monday

FAT, it's an acronym we knew we needed to learn as we embarked on this journey, because eventually something wasn't going to go as planned. Flexible Adaptable Teachable. Proverbs 16:9 was the verse we memorized as a team. "The heart of man plans his ways, but the Lord establishes his steps." That being said, it wasn't a bad day, it was a good day! It just wasn't all we...

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It was a day of merging. From the Dominican way of driving to the Spanglish (Spanish/English) we're speaking as we try to communicate, to the members of Clayton Valley Church finally meeting our brothers and sisters in Christ at Vida Nueva, today was all about bringing two things into one. To begin, Dominican driving is much different than the US. It's sometimes hard to ...

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Safe and Sound in the DR

Steffanie Desrosiers summed up the day best as we breezed through customs. "This has been the easiest time I've ever had traveling on a missions trip." Or something like thatand she was right. On-time flights, our luggage arriving the same place we did, and the beautiful sight of a brother in the Lord greeting you as you exit the airport. Today could ...

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On Our Way

These posts won't always be all about Trentbut since so many people were praying specifically for him for this part of trip, this one will be! His morning started at about 2:35am when we put him in his car seat. He normally falls back to sleep, but not this morning. He cried until I remembered we still had his favorite music in the carDominican Republic worship music. ...

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