Walking Closer with God

A Bike Ride, Mountains, and God's Faithfulness

Recently my son Grant and I went on a bike ride. He is the oldest of our three kids and as a 14 year old young man, I have to say there are times I'm just grateful to keep up with him. The bike is the great equalizer; it's gears are my friends. We rode up through Clayton to my favorite trailhead leading into Mt. Diablo State Park. As we headed into the park the view of Mt. Diablo was breathtaking. It brought my mind to Psalm 121. This is perhaps my favorite Psalm, here is what it says:

I will lift my eyes to the mountains;
From where does my help come?
My help comes from the Lord,
Who made heaven and earth.

The Psalmist was in some kind of serious trouble. It was the kind that brings anxiety to the heart, the kind that makes you lose sleep at night. Yet in the middle of that He saw the solution to His inner turmoil was to look up, to seek his help from the only sure place he could find it - the Lord. The reason for seeking help there was clear. The Lord is the One who made heaven and earth. When the Psalmist looked on the mountains so massive, reaching to the sky, encompassing the horizon as far as he could see, he remembered who made them, who put them in place. The truth that struck him must capture our hearts as well. If the Lord made heaven and earth, can he deal with the most painful trials we face today? The answer is clearly yes.

When you look at the mountains today, remember to seek help from the only place it can be found. It comes from the Lord Who made heaven and earth.


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