In order to care for our community we will meet by livestream only. For more details click here. To join our livestream click here.


Sunday Worship Service  (service start time at 10:30 with stream starting ~15 minutes prior)


Looking to watch previous weeks services? HERE

In Case of Technical Difficulties:

If we have technical difficulties as we “gather” we hope they are only momentary. If we experience longer difficulties, such as our Internet service dropping out, rest assured that we are also recording the worship service and will post it to our Vimeo channel soon after we are done. We don’t plan on that happening but if it does, we are ready.

If your live feed stops working at any point we ask that you first reload the webpage before reaching out to us to see if the problem is on our end. We are monitoring the live feed as well. Problems that affect everyone watching will be addressed as quickly as possible. Again, if all else fails, we will upload a recording of the service as soon as we are done.



Join us Sunday at