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The Christian and Politics

Blog Feature Pic - the Christian and Politics

Back in 2018, through the month of October, our church held a gathering on Sunday evenings to talk through contemporary cultural issues. We called it “Sunday Night Live”. Our desire was to see each issue from the vantage point of the Bible. One of those evenings focused on “The Christian and Politics”.

Since that time our nation’s political life has become more and more brittle. Our folks have asked more questions about politics and the Bible, many who were not with us back in 2018. We’ve decided to make these videos available (see below) in the hopes they might be helpful as Christian brothers and sisters wrestle through living out the gospel in the political realm.

This is an introductory treatment of the topic. Originally, these materials were presented in one session consisting of several rounds of Pastor Chris sharing for a time, followed by discussion leaders talking their tables through discussion questions. The video has been edited into four sections for ease of viewing and to enable a more focused approach in exploration. May the Lord be glorified as we grow to honor Him in all things, especially the way we approach politics.






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