Dominican Republic Missions Trip Blog - 2011

Prayer In All You Do

We began our morning piling into the van and heading out with Edwin on a couple of visits. The first was to the small store owned by his father in the middle of Santiago. One of the things really valued by Dominicans is praying over their homes and businesses.


It was an honor for us to spend time visiting with “Frank” (Edwin’s Dad) and seeing in his eyes a trust in the Lord and a desire to honor Him in his work while depending on Him all day long. Truly each moment of our lives is to be lived before God as an act of worship (Romans 12:1ff.); there is no distinction between the secular and the sacred. This humble and hard working believer in the middle of the bustling streets of Santiago understands this – and it became clearer to all of us again as we spent time talking, sharing and praying.

We then made a trek across town to meet with Edwin’s mother to pray at her home. Trent continued in his role as the ambassador of good will, breaking down barriers as he literally reached out to one of Edwin’s nieces.


We enjoyed a time of prayer and fellowship and then headed off to lunch at Pollo Victorina (the Victorious Chicken). The sauce for the chicken had a balsamic vinegar kind of flavor – it was unlike anything we’ve tasted in the states and very delicious. After seeing some sights, doing a little shopping and walking the streets of Santiago with John we headed back to the hotel.

In the evening we had a meal and fellowship with Hector and his family at their new restaurant. We met some other missionaries in the area and enjoyed talking with Luis a dedicated young man who serves at Vida Nueva as a translator (among many other things).

Tomorrow morning we will check out of our hotel and go to the Webbs to make final preparations for the Family Retreat. Please pray for the following:

1. Safe and smooth travels for us and all those attending the retreat as we make our way up to Jarabacoa.

2. Wisdom for Pastor Chris as he has more material than time for the retreat sessions (surprising right? : ). He and John will talk together about this tomorrow. It is important to us that the most helpful issues are addressed with our brothers and sisters here at Vida Nueva.

3. For the Lord to speak through the retreat sessions that husbands, fathers, wives and mothers would be encouraged and challenged by Him (Eph. 1:18).

4. That the lessons for the children's sessions would be used by the Lord in the heart of every child present (Matt. 19:14). That the team would work in joyful unity as they care for the kids (Eph. 4:3-6).

5. That all of us would be transformed more and more by Him during our time together in Jarabacoa (Phil. 1:6).

Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers. Without each of you we wouldn’t be here. Without your continued prayer for us, our time here will not be effective (Col. 4:3-4). As we depend on Him and His power for doing in this work, we anticipate great things from Him for His glory (Rom. 11:33-36).


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