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We are here safe and sound and very grateful for God's care and our safety thus far. I'm sorry for the delayed update. There are some web and data challenges so far away from Nairobi. Thank you for your ongoing partnership in prayer. Here are some updates / prayer requests:

  • Pastor Chris has been teaching the 4th year Bible college students for the past two days. It has been so encouraging to see first hand the amazing work the college is doing. It is the only one in this entire region. Each of these students have been in pastoral ministry for 16 years or more. They love the Lord and His word and are eager to learn much from each class session. Pray that the teaching times would cover the areas of Pastoral Leadership that are most helpful to the students. Pray that Pastor Chris has ongoing wisdom as he contiues to adjust the course content to better fit the needs of the students.
  • Paul preached an excellent message in chapel this morning on the importance of the Bible. This is a picture of him preaching with Fitzpatrick translating for him. Pauls teaching better sizeFitzpatrick is the head of the college. He is an amazing leader, committed to sound teaching and raising up the next several generations of pastors in Kenya. Pray as Paul builds a new handrail for Lois that God would keep everyone safe (there is welding involved) and that the railing would be very useful for years to come.
  • Charlotte and Lois went off to the market today to pick up the materials for the upcoming sewing class. Charlotte will be leading this class for the young ladies in the vocational training school next week. It has been wonderful to see what an encouragement she is to Lois. Pray as Charlotte shares with the pastor's wives tomorrow that God would be glorified and the wives would be encouraged.

It is clear that the work Lois and Hoyt have carried on over the past many decades has and continues to bear much fruit. We have enjoyed seeing Lois here in her element, caring for her children (both adopted and in Christ). Lois again over lunch today expressed thanks for you, Clayton Valley Church family, for your faithfulness in supporting this vibrant gospel work in Kenya. We thank you for sending us here on your behalf and giving us this privilege. Please continue to pray. There are many lives being snatched out of the kingdom of darkness and brought into Christ's kingdom of light (Col. 1:13). Pray that God continues to move and work in this place. Pray that we remain in tune with Him each moment we are here. 

We are not sure how many more updates we will have as technology seems to be a bit unpredictable. We thank you in advance for your continued prayers.

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