Walking Closer with God

Our purpose as a church is 'Growing Deeper, Walking Closer, Reaching Farther'. Here we will discuss walking closer with God.

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Who are you? In the Scriptures God is constantly telling us who we are, and when we believe it, it will change the way we live....

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Anger and Love Together

Anger isn't the opposite of love. Hate is, and the final form of hate is indifference....

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Time and the Danger of Spiritual Attrition

One of my favorite fictional works from the pen of C.S. Lewis is "The Screwtape Letters". In it he gives us a collection of letters written by a demon named Screwtape advising an underling tempter, his nephew Wormwood, on how to keep his 'patient' away from Jesus and the good news of the gospel. In this short excerpt, Screwtape advises Wormwood on using time to wear down a...

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Evidences of Bitterness

Last Sunday we talked about bitterness and the way it can take hold of our hearts if we are not careful. Here are some evidences of bitterness shared originally by Lou Priolo in his booklet entitled "Bitterness: the Root that Pollutes". Difficulty in resolving conflicts Trying to resolve conflicts with someone you harbor business like trying to build a skyscraper with...

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The Art of Good Thinking

There are a few books outside the Bible that I put in a special category. They have touched my life in a very significant way at a very significant time. It seems the Lord in His wisdom brings them across my path at just the right moment, when a particular trial weighs me down or when I'm in need of another perspective. Maurice Robert's book, "The Thought Of God" is one of...

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